Story of Cloverdale

The Small Company With The Big Taste For Flavor

Cloverdale's quality story began in 1915, when Hoy Russell founded Mandan Creamery in Mandan, North Dakota. Insisting on uncompromised quality from the start, Russell's small dairy business quickly built a reputation for the freshest, best dairy products in area kitchens. 

Within a few years, the company successfully introduced a line of premium-grade pork products that steadily attracted more foodservice and retail customers. So when bigger dairy corporations pushed it out of the dairy business in the 1970s, the company diversified into a premium pork company, plus foodservice distribution and trucking too.

In 1995, Cloverdale divested its other businesses to make its greatest capability its sole focus - pork products with unsurpassed quality and flavor.

Today that focus is sharper than ever. Cloverdale Foods Company remains family owned and committed to offering super premium pork, packed with unsurpassed flavor and quality.